Monday, December 12, 2005

A Great Christmas Author Discovered

We have discovered a wonderful author -- unfortunately OOP -- who makes for a great chapter read-aloud for kids. Her name is Alta Halverson Seymour and she has written various Christmas books from around the world.

We've read:
1. Arne and the Christmas Star -- set in a Norwegian fishing village
2. The Christmas Stove -- set in a Swiss village

She also has other books we'll be keeping a watch for:
Kaatje and the Christmas Compass set in Holland, A Grandma for Christmas set in Norway, The Top o' Christmas Morning set in Ireland, Erik's Christmas Camera set in Sweden, and The Christmas Donkey set in Southern France.

She writes lovely stories with lots of details about how Christmas is celebrated in these different lands. Well worth the search for these!

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holli k said...

I stumbled upon two of her books The christmas stove, and Erik's christmas camera. Both wonderful books, I decided who is this author and sadly there is very little information on her if any one out there can help bring her to life again I would greatly apperciate this.