Friday, January 20, 2006

Living the Learning

One of the great benefits for me about homeschooling is being so involved in my kids' learning. Some days, though, I just feel like things aren't getting in where they're supposed to.

Last night, String Bean proved me wrong. It was after dinner, I was (as usual) writing on the computer and String Bean came and showed me a story she'd written (well, she doesn't really write, but she told me what the squiggles said). As she told me the story, I started typing it up, amazed at her story-telling abilities.

Today, I'd like to share this story:

Once there was an Indian who went to Church every Sunday. One day he went all the way from his little house to the chapel. He saw a beautiful lady. The Lady said, “do not fear me. I want a Church to sit right near here where I am standing. Tell the bishop that I want a Church built right here.”

So he went to the bishop and said, “a lady dressed in white and blue wants a church right where she is standing”. The bishop said come back here another Sunday.

So he saw the lady again. She told him “please cut me some roses over there.” He was kind of mixed up because he didn’t see the roses before. So he cut the roses and put them in his tilma and the next time the Bishop said “what do you have in that pack”

And the Bishop and his men were looking at the roses and at the tilma. He looked down when he opened his eyes again, in his tilma there was nothing but a picture of the Lady of Guadalupe. “We should build a church at once.”

And so they did and now everybody goes there and sees the Lady of Guadalupe. Many people published this book because a little girl wrote it when she was five.

The End.

The last time we talked about Our Lady of Guadalupe was on her feast day, Dec 12th! Pretty good for an almost 6 year-old, huh?

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Alice said...

Brilliant for any age, but incredible for almost six! I love it!