Monday, January 09, 2006

This is going to be one of those days .....

We have a water heater out, we're waiting on the roofer to come fix our leaks (which an insurance adjuster is supposed to come look at first because we may have storm damage -- as opposed to an old roof), and we were out late last night at Latin Mass and potluck afterwards.....

With all this going on, I'm going to let the kiddos sleep an extra hour before seving them a variety of donuts, monkey bread, and cereal for breakfast. We'll be lucky to start school at 9:30. But, wait, even "traditional" schools have late start for various we too will have a "late start day".

For right now, I'm going to relax with my tea and leftover piece of REALLY good King Cake (a friend made this one!) before I have to make the plethora of phone calls to all these contractors, insurance agents and our doc (have to bring them all in for a post-pneumonia check!)

Ahhhhhhh, I love "late start" days!

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