Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why we've been quiet the last couple of days ....

is because my dh's school has the MLK holiday this Monday and Tuesday annually so that some of the high school students and faculty can drive up to D.C. (a 9-hour drive from here) to participate in the Annual March for Life (a cause you can bet MLK would staunchly support!). They go up on Saturday, do a bit of sightseeing, attend the Pro-Life Mass at the National Bascilica on Sunday evening, and march from the Washington Monument to the steps of the Capitol Building.

This year, Brikhead went along and had a wonderful time -- despite the rainy, cold dampness, the 9-hour drive in an 11-passenger van with capacity seating (and he's 6ft-1") and staying in the Red Roof Inn in Chinatown (a place I don't think I'd even want him to walk through, let alone stay at!).

But it was well worth it for him to see there are other teens who are fired up about right-to-life issues, teens who came from all over the country just to show their solidarity, teens who stayed in the same hotel where the electricity went out and the water never got cold. All to make a statement.

Was the statement heard? It was by Brikhead! And, for me, that's enough for now!

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Alice said...

This is very uplifting to read. Thank you, Mary!