Monday, January 02, 2006

YEAH!!! Dear Son is now being Home Schooled!

Celebrate with me for a minute, please.

My 16yo ds has decided to stay home for the second half of his junior year and through his senior year! YEAHHHHHHHH!

He'll be able to concentrate on reading living books (rather than drab high school textbooks), writing and blogging, and brushing up on all the "necessaries" for the SAT. He'll finish the subjects he started this year -- French 2, Honors English, Algebra 2, Physics, US History, Sacraments and Morality -- but he'll do them in an enriching, exciting way. I'm going to apply many of CM's philosophies to his schooling -- including lots of good books (like the New World of Mr. Tompkins and The Physics of Football for science class) and hands-on experiences.

We're pretty excited to have all five home -- now if only there were a way to have dh home too!

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