Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The doors are beginning to open

My middle son, Lego Maniac, is technically a 1st grader. He's fascinated by building things and war things and medieval things. He loves sports and playing Xbox. And, of course, he loves all things Lego.

But, he doesn't -- or didn't -- love reading. He could do the sounding out, but things were taking him too long to read and it was frustrating him. I continued with the CHC "Little Stories for Little Folks" and working on phonics (including using the Leap Pad dvds).

The other morning instead of reading one of these, he came down with "Eloise" and wanted to read that. He got about a third of the way through and I suggested we finish another day. Today he read a dozen more pages. Yep! He's read about half of the Eloise book to me -- and darn near perfectly. A very proud moment for Mama and more so for Lego Maniac!

As I type this, he's curled up on Bam-Bam's bed reading the classic "A Fly Went By" for Bam-Bam's quiet time.

The doors that reading open to all of us are starting to open for my LegoManiac! What an exciting moment for all -- and to think I would have missed this if he had been in "real school"!

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