Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Year's Resolutions - Update

Back at the end of December, in a blog message you can find here (Personal and Homeschool Resolutions), I published my resolutions. I figured it would help keep me honest and keep me keeping them.

So after about a month of resolution-packed days, I've decided to give an update.

1. writing in this blog every day -- I've been really good about this; I write here every school day (to help journal what we're doing) and sometimes on the weekends. And boy, do I get teased about "Mom's blogging again" -- I think they just like to say "blogging" and then try and read over my shoulder in case I'm putting anything about them in here!

2. try to meditate/pray every morning -- this is done better on some days; I have a bad habit of checking emails first rather than starting the day on my homepage -- myCatholic.com -- where I can get the readings for the day, Saint meditation, excerpt from Proverb or the Psalms to think about and a bit of a catechism lesson. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to consciously try to go to the Internet before the emails....I'll let you know how that goes next month!

3. minimizing the yelling and fussing at my darlin' children -- a C+ on this one; I really need to make a better effort on this!

4. better wife and helpmate to dear husband -- this is easier than number 3 as he's so easy to please; he's also gone during the day, when I tend to be at my crankiest!

5. work on a proposal for a Living Knitting book -- I haven't worked the proposal yet, but I've gotten great comments from other homeschoolers about what would make a great knitting book; I'm scheduled to talk at the Denver Homeschooling conference in June about the importance of knitting in the homeschoolroom; and I've started a separate blog, Living Knitting, to keep track of my thoughts, ideas and plans.

6. continue working on my writing and getting things published -- well, I have lots of reviews to write and I keep making contacts through that work; now if I could just do some writing where I can get paid!

On the homeschooling side:
1. 8-12 and 3-5 is school-time -- this doesn't work with my WriteGuide job; I'm pretty good till about 11:00, then I get antsy about checking if any of my consulting students need help. And, 3-5 around here is always a crazy time -- particularly if the weather is yucky (as it's been this past month) or I have running around to do (as I often do!).

2. avoid twaddly textbooks -- we are almost completely text book free and will not order any next year for String Bean and LegoManiac; the high schoolers are such veteran "traditional schoolers" that going "no textbooks" would throw them into a bit of a tizzy!

3. incorporate picture study and composer study into our school days -- thanks to a couple of wonderful volunteers over at 4Real Learning, I have done this! Each month a composer and artist are chosen and links/information/activities are shared to help us all. This month is Winslow Homer (watercolorist) and Tchaikovksy!

4. shift to more living math -- with StringBean and LegoManiac still learning the fundmentals, I'm still using math workbooks, but only an average of 3 days a week, with cooking math and fun activities to fill in the other days.

5. incorporate real living into the school day -- we do this somewhat with cooking math, but I need to get better at this. Maybe if we're ever able to set 3-5 p.m. as "school time" we can do it then.....

Overall, I'd give myself about an 80-85 for resoultion progress. Not too bad as usually I forget 'em within a week or two of making 'em!

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