Wednesday, February 01, 2006

St. Brigid of Ireland

Not only is today my older sister's 50th birthday -- it is also St. Brigid of Ireland's feast day. St. Brigid happens to be one of StringBean's patron saints so we had some fun today.

First, we did some cooking math: the kids and I made a very messy Barm Brack. This recipe is a bit unusual in its steps, but we prevailed (even if not one single one of my "helpers" is over 7!).

While the dough rose we read the story of St. Brigid from 57 Saints for Children from Pauline Press. Brikhead received this in 1997 for his 1st communion and it's still proving useful.

We then read the delightful old Irish tale of Brigid's Cloak, as told by Bryce Milligan. When StringBean heard this story last year it was requested that mama make her a magic cloak also. A beautiful royal blue outer side and an inside with gold stars on a pale blue background and voila -- StringBean is St. Brigid. So of course, today, StringBean pranced through her schoolwork as St. Brigid!

We then prepped dinner -- Colcannon (basically mashed potatoes with cooked cabbage and LOTS of butter), meatloaf (who of Irish-American heritage hasn't had tons of meatloaves in their day?) and the Barm Brack for dessert. Just in case the bread isn't quite right, Dad's bringing home donuts.....I'm sure there's a connection there somewhere!

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Alice said...

Now this is the way to celebrate a Feast.

You've put me in the mood for Colcannon, by the way. I've never tried it, but it sounds great.

And, yes, I've had many meatloaves in my day. In fact, I made one Monday night!