Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Google and Gmail

So in order to get us set up with web-based email accounts so that we can get email no matter where in the world we may be (and we do tend to move ALOT!), I have been working for the past two weeks to get all shifted to gmail.

Gmail is a cool new email to compete with Yahoo and Hotmail. I like it because it's Google-based. I also like it because it's newness allows for all kinds of bells and whistles you get from the get-go! But, then also it comes with bugs -- but as Bam-Bam often says (usually when he's in trouble) "that's o-tay!"

Google seems to be coming on strong in order to compete with the biggies -- Yahoo and AOL. Google bought "Blogger" from a small partnership and now it's one of the cutting-edge free blog sites out there. Google has teamed with Mozilla's Firefox and other small developers to create all kinds of applications to make pc'ing just a bit easier. If you're interested, check out Google's list of tools and services. There's just about something for everyone.

I love all this tech-head stuff!

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