Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's Still the Last Straw -- But I stand corrected!

Thanks to a heads-up from a friends at 4Real Learning -- I was in error in my post yesterday. Wal-mart is not offering RU-486 in their pharmacies. They are offering a drug called "Plan B" which "helps prevent fertilization"; it's not a medicated abortion as RU-486 is.

Here's a link to PP's information about the difference. Here's the American Life League's link to the same information but without somuch of the doublespeak.

As a Catholic, I still contend that this is an abortifacient drug that does not need "easier access". PP is lobbying for emergency contraception to be available as an "over the counter" medication! This is the so-called "morning after pill".

For those who are interested, this is how PP defines RU-486 (and any medicated abortions): By helping women terminate unwanted pregnancies up to 56 days after their last menstruation, medication abortion is a safe and effective option. -- Oh, really??????

I'm still boycotting Wal-mart!

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