Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This is my goal for St. Athanasius Academy

Lissa, over at the Bonny Glen, has an absolutely awe-inspiring entry about her daughter and butterflies. What makes it so impressive to me is that it's such a perfect example of how unschooling can work.

Here's the first part of the excerpt:
Butterflies, or: The Benefits of Strewing

My sweet friend Chari forwarded these incredible pictures of a clearwing butterfly because she knew that my resident lepidopterist and I would enjoy them. And how.

Butterflies are one of Jane's passions. I discovered this quite by accident about three years ago, when she was not quite eight years old. If I'd had a blog at the time, I would certainly have written a post about it, but lacking one (and very likely never even having heard of weblogs at that point), I wrote an email to a dear friend instead—part of which, thanks to the miracle of hard drives, I shall now hijack for this post.

For more of this lovely story, head to Here in the Bonny Glen and find the link -- it's just perfect!

Thanks Lissa for allowing me to post this here!

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