Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kids and Writing!

At someone's suggestion on one of my many lists, I recently borrowed The School Story, by Andrew Clements from the library. This is a wonderful story about a girl who wants to publish a book, her friend who believes in her and becomes her agent, and a teacher who believes in the girls and their book and wants to help.

This is a story with a wonderful explanation of the publishing business -- the blood, sweat, tears and laughter of getting a book from what you THOUGHT was a finished draft to publication; the relationship that grows between an editor and a writer; all the small missteps that could stop the book in its tracks.

Along the route, the reader meets characters who are drawn so true to life -- parents who love and support their children, children who are respectful of their parents, and teachers and school's who WANT to nurture children. This is one of those books that are being printed today that celebrate children and family without overdoing the schmaltz.

This is definitely a keeper!


Alice said...

Oh, Mary, thank you so much for this recommendation! It sounds great, especially for my aspiring writer, Agnes.

Leonie said...

I agree with Alice - this books sounds great. I have two aspiring writers and have to share this with them!