Friday, May 12, 2006

Other-cott -- How to Fight the DaVinci Code movie release

What will you be doing next weekend, May 19-21st?

Next week Sony pictures, using Ron Howard as director and Tom Hanks as the main star, will release (after MUCH hoopla) a scurrilous attack against Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. This movie, which Sony's film leader suggests shows "the truth", actually emulates Pilate's question "what is truth". This movie is nothing more than an attempt to slam Christianity and the truths of the Catholic Church. Many go so far as to say that this movie (and the book it comes from) is the working of the devil, trying yet again to crush Christianity and the Catholic Church.

Rather than simply boycotting the movie -- which is strongly encouraged by the Vatican -- let's cooperate with the idea of an Other-cott. Basically, instead of going to the opening of DaVinci Code, go see "Over the Hedge" -- another major release slated for May 19th. Done by Dreamworks, Over the Hedge is supposed to be a family movie and certainly a better alternative to DaVinci Code. Vote with your movie ticket by making "Over the Hedge" a greater box office success to combat The DaVinciCode's release.

For more details, check out this website: Other-cott. This is a Christian-wide attempt to take back our faith and fight Hollywood.

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