Thursday, May 25, 2006

Update on Niece Helen

Thanks to those who prayed for my niece Helen's surgery yesterday.

I just heard from her mom who described yesterday as "the most harrowing day of my life" -- and she has 10 kids!

Helen went into surgery at 0845 and was sent to the recovery room at 1345 -- a 5 hour operation. At 1600, her parents were able to go in and visit. My brother spent the night and SIL was going over this morning.

Pain will be the word of the day as Helen's morphine in her spinal column wears off and she starts therapy. She has a self-dosed morphine drip but Helen is the stoic in the family and was told my her mom to "use it"!

I don't yet know how long she'll be in or how long the recuperation takes -- sounds like it will be a while....

Please continue the prayers if you have a minute.

Blessings to you all.....

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Rebecca said...

Still praying!