Monday, May 08, 2006

What happened to Spring?

Yesterday was NOT a typical day here in South Carolina, particularly for the month of May. We started out at about 60 degrees, but as the day progressed, rather than getting warmer and humid, the temp actually dropped throughout the day.

When Bam-Bam went out after Mass to "swim" in the wading pool -- it was 60 degrees with a light drizzle.

When Bam-Bam came in 10 minutes later from "swimming" -- it was 58 degrees and still drizzling.

After lunch, when String Bean and Bam-Bam went out on the front porch to eat popsicles -- it was 54 degrees. String Bean, wrapped in a polar fleece blanket with Christmas trees on it, refused to come in until her popsicle was done. Bam-Bam (although 4 years younger, decided that discretion truly is the better part of valor) came in and shiveringly ate at the counter.

By mid-afternoon, when I took Brikhead out to practice driving -- it was down to around 53 degrees.

Long story short, today's "Wordsmith" word is particularly appropriate for yesterday's weather:

aphotic (ay-FO-tik) adjective

Lightless, especially without sunlight.

[From Greek a- (not) + phot- (light). Ultimately from Indo-European root bha- (to shine) that's also the source of beacon, beckon, phantom, phenomenon, and phosphorous.]

Hopefully, today's weather will be a bit less aphotic and warmer!

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