Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Words, Words, Words

I love words. My mother was an English major and read voraciously. My dad was a philosophy major and read voraciously. We grew up believing that books were more important than food -- better to spend $20 on a good book and $5 for an ok dinner than $20 for dinner and $5 for an ok book!

We devoured everything -- from classics to crud, from fiction to non-fiction. We all read books. The result of all this reading is a very educated family who tend to be a bit verbose and even loquacious. Another result of all this reading is a love of words -- foreign or English, words are a delight.

One of my favorite blogs is called Wordsmith's Word-a-Day. You may have seen a few postings scattered throughout this blog about words. Well today's was so cool a word, one that I'd never heard before, that I just had to "wax poetic" for a few minutes about the beauty of words.

Today's word is PLASHY. Doesn't that sound luscious? What do you think it means? Guess and then click the link above and see if you were right. Isn't that just a lovely word?

Aren't words just lovely?

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