Saturday, October 21, 2006

Come Join Us! Now, we've got international input!

It was suggested (by a fellow 4-realer, Helen over at Castle of the Immaculate) that I should run a carnival for the "Rule of Six".

For those of you who might need a bit of background: in an earlier post, I mentioned plagiarizing from Lissa's Lilting House sidebar what she called "Our Rule of Six: Six Things to Include in Your Child's Day". Lissa graciously gave her permission for us to run this carnival.

Here is my list:

Rule of Six
Things to Include in Your Child's Day, Everyday
• prayer and Catholic Culture

• imaginative play

• good books

• beauty (art, music, nature)

• ideas to ponder and discuss

• meaningful work

I purposely left my list vague so that I could adapt it each day. These six are more goals than rules, but I love the idea of "rule" as it means that I MUST have each of these in a day.

So what is your "rule of six"? If you'd like to share it -- and we sure hope you will want to share -- please send me a link to your blog entry and I'll include you in the "Rule of Six" directory below this post. If you'd like to use the "Rule of Six" graphic above, just copy it to your computer and upload it onto your blog.

Blessings and thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Here's what others use as their "rule of six":


Love2Learn Mom said...

Great idea! Here's my attempt.

Angie Mc said...

Thanks, Mary! Here's my link:

My dh has the children so I spent some of my quiet time, filling myself up with mother culture through thinking and writing about this. I look forward to more fine-tuning and inspiration from the other families who share here.

Leonie said...

Lovely list - and super idea, Mary!

I'll send you a link to our Rule of Six - when I forumulate one, that is!

Leonie said...

Mary - thank you for hosting this - it has given me many ideas and made me think ( ouch!).

Here is our Homeschool Rule of Six

Anonymous said...

Here is mine, Mary.

Anonymous said...

Here is mine, Mary.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to my list of basic needs, more practical than beautiful:

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to my list of basic needs, more practical than beautiful:

just another day in paradise said...

Hi Mary,

Here is my link:

I'm new at this. I hope I can Learn from you. God bless. Ruth

Fairion said...

What a marvelous idea! Here is our list

Fairion said...

What a wonderful idea! Here is our list.

Whimsy said...

I'm really late for this, but I'd rather a "4 legged stool":

Love God
Love Each Other
Love Learning
Love Working

I should say that the last one could probably be better said as "have a good work ethic" -- I tell the kids that when they leave home I cannot give them a lot of money, but if they leave with these four things, that will be worth more to them than money.