Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall Farm Trip

Thanks to a very active group of Catholic homeschoolers here in Denver area, we are able to do a field trip almost every week. This week's was to a local farm -- 40 miles east of Denver (and boy, is that Kansas-like!) -- for a bit of Fall harvesting info. The kids learned about different kinds of corn -- broom and indian -- as well as sunflowers, irrigation techniques, varieties of pumpkins, old needs vs new niceties, and just generally had a great time.

Here's proof:

That's broom corn; it's no longer a cash-crop as all brooms are imported now (except if you're in Amish country -- I believe they still make them.)

Yes, they have kitties -- and no, we're not bringing them home!
Bam-Bam was awfully proud to have found the perfect pumpkin; he did give his siblings credit for picking the perfect pumpkins "for them".
Millett was distributed so the kids could easily feed the ducks and geese -- note that LegoManiac's jeans are just a tad wet. "But Mom, I have boots on!"

Don't you just love homeschooling?

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