Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Not so much stealing as it is borrowing....

Kathryn over at The Bookworm has a great idea to help the kids remember things on a weekly or monthly basis. Akin to "fridgeschooling", she has invented what she calls a noticeboard. Now, she explains (and has pictures) of how she wil keep this board up. I immediately thought that this too would work in my house -- our fridge is probably bigger than the Brits', but it's one of those stainless steel ones and somehow doesn't look right covered with paraphernalia!

Anyway, I think we'll do something similar here -- using the tri-fold "science fair" boards available now, I'll have liturgical color borders appropriate for the season and post "saint of the day", composer/artist of the month, and our current unit study ... For instance, October is the month of the rosary and respect life month -- so we'll post the novena we'll do for the unborn and a bit about the rosary.

And I have just the spot to put it, too!

Large HAT TIP, Kathryn! You Brits are pretty darn clever.....

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