Wednesday, October 18, 2006



We were so hoping, after an afternoon/evening of constant snow (with about 4 inches accumulated in our backyard) and more forecast for the nighttime, that we'd have a snow day today....Dad home from school, big kids unable to go to their "home option program" and String Bean's violin lessons canceled.

We forgot we're in the big square state that has many "almosts" and missed forecasts and weather changes at the drop of a hat! We also forgot that we're no longer in the South where -- if snow is even forecasted, the stores are emptied of their bread loaves, milk jugs and rental videos!

Last time I was in snow country I didn't have to worry about driving as we didn't have a car and we lived "next door" to Church, school and the village had a grocery that was less than a mile away. Before that, the last time I lived in any kind of snow was back when I was single, living in Virginia, and it was all an adventure.

I must confess: I hate driving in bad weather ... I hate worrying about getting back and forth in icy or snowy conditions ... I hate the whole frozen mess. But today I came to the realization that I was relying WAY TOO MUCH on my own abilities and forgetting that all I have to do is place my trust in God, drive with caution and that's it.

BTW, my mantra as I drove the kids 20 miles north of our house was "Jesus, I trust in you" -- and all went fine!

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