Friday, November 17, 2006

Margaret of Scotland -- pray for us!

St. Margaret of Scotland

Yesterday was the feast of St. Margaret of Scotland. She was raised in Hungary but eventually allowed to come home to her homeland of England. Again ousted from England, she went to Scotland where she met and married King Malcolm. She was known throughout her life for her piety and charity. This holy card just sums up how regal and generous this graceful woman must have been.
St. Margaret is one of String Bean's patron saints so we had to do SOMETHING a bit special. We let String Bean choose the menu (always "iffy" as she usually only wants to eat peanut butter or sweets!), read a bit about this wonderful royal saint, and made yummy Scottish Oat Scones. Kotch pronounced them "just as good as the ones we had in England!"

These were fabulous scones. We got the recipe from one of our favorite liturgical year sites, Catholic This is a great site that has daily saints and lots of interesting facts about them, activities and recipes. These scones were supposed to be cut into eighths, but quarters seemed a bit more reasonable for our brood!


Leonie said...

The scones look delicious.

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Suzanne Temple said...

These look great!