Wednesday, January 31, 2007


After reading this post that Melissa had on her Lilting House blog, I just had to share my kids' actions yesterday. Must have been something in the air:

Seems that Brikhead (17, 6'2" and lover of "stirring the pot") gave BamBam a penny belonging to LegoManiac.

Yes, a penny!

Lego Maniac, understanding that discretion is ALWAYS the better part of valor, didn't go after his 6'2" brother but after his 3' brother. He started chasing BamBam through the house, demanding the penny back (at the top of his voice as we don't seem to do anything quietly around here). LegoManiac was out to kill if he could only get close enough. BamBam, being 4 and pretty darn fiesty, of course wouldn't give up the penny and kept saying it was his as "Brikhead gave it to me".

Yes, a penny!

When I stepped in -- trying to be the oil on the waters, the calmer of discord -- and offered LegoManiac a penny of mine, I was summarily dismissed. Seems the penny that BamBam had was HIS and HE didn't want ANOTHER STINKY PENNY!

Yes, a penny! And a 17 year-old who loves to cause controversies......

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