Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Year's Resolutions ... bah humbug!

We're halfway through the month of January ... and nary a resolution have I made this year. I've thought about making them; I've toyed with the idea of doing some kind of cutesy mnemonic that would help me remember them; I've prayed about what I need to change and how to improve.

But, the bottom line is I DON'T LIKE MAKING RESOLUTIONS! There, I've said it. You can stop reading if you want, or you can humor me and hear me out.

Resolutions always seem to be so limiting. Sometime around the end of December you start formulating your plan for next year. You decide what you'll work on and make a list of how to accomplish those goals. You might even get a new notebook or journal or some special place to record these lofty ideals. But then reality strikes somewhere around March and you realize you've broken many (if not all) of your resolutions; you go into a bit of a funk and then realize that resolutions are for the birds!

For instance, here are my resolutions (duly recorded on this blog) last December:
  • try to write in this blog at least once per day
  • try to meditate/pray every morning before the day starts
  • try to minimize the yelling and fussing at the kids
  • try to be a better wife and helpmate to my dear husband
  • work on an air-tight proposal for a CM-style knitting book
  • continue to work on my writing, attempting to publish as often as is practicable.
  • remember that during school time (8-noon) and (3-5p.m.) my kids are my first priority
  • avoid twaddly textbooks and use only living books
  • incorporate picture study, composer study and nature study into every week
  • shift from workbook-style math to living math
  • incorporate real living -- prepping dinner, chores, cuddle time -- into our daily curriculum (I tend to do it all myself as it's faster and easier....)

Now, I didn't blow all these in the first three months -- but, honestly, I didn't do each of them as best as I could. Why? Life and living got in the way. These were way too specific. I found that by "forcing" myself to write in this blog EVERY DAY, I was taking time away from the family, my knitting and other pursuits. Definitely not the result I was looking for.

These resolutions were made before we sold our house, thinking we were moving back to Austria, only to find ourselves, one year later, living, loving and learning in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains! Life got in the way. God threw us a few curve balls and the resolutions were'nt so important anymore. And, that's ok!

So, be it hereby known to all those who have read this far: I have one resolution -- to do my best in all things, but especially to place my family first -- whatever curve balls God thows at us -- and to live, learn, love and laugh with all as often as possible!


Leonie said...

I like your new resolution - as you point out, life and God often have plans that are different to ours!

Jane Ramsey said...

I like it! I had only one resolution this year also.