Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LENT Starts Today!

Today, February 21st 2007, begins the amazing liturgical season of Lent. In the shadow of the Cross, we Catholics are asked to spend the next 40 days sacrificing, praying and contemplating just exactly what Jesus did for us all when he willingly gave up his life for us on the Cross.

Some folks look on Lent as a time of "sack cloth and ashes" where we mope around, denying ourselves of all pleasures and bemoaning our fate and that of the whole World.

This is aboslutely ridiculous -- Lent is a wonderful time for ME to reflect on my life and to spend the next 40 days preparing for the Lord's resurrection. Yes, I will deny myself things that I want to do -- but not for the denial itself, but for the chance for God to get to work and help me to do what He wants me to be busy with.

Some of the books I'll be reading over the next 40 days include:

For the kids, we'll be spending our after-dinner time doing family read-alouds rather than watching movies or dispersing. Lent is a wonderful time to spend with family, encouraging the values and togetherness so important in today's world.

Some of the read-alouds in the basket:

All of these books have good family values, are wonderful adventure stories and teach lessons without being too didactic. They also have the benefit of being such good stories most will want to listen!

So, please dear reader remember that Lent, although a time of penance and sacrifice, can also be a time of joy and getting rid of baggage that keeps us from being the people of Faith that God would have us be!

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Leonie said...

I like the book titles in the read aloud basket. And thanks for the reminder re joy...