Monday, April 16, 2007

Book not worth borrowing

There are times that I reserve the right to post a negative or derogatory review; after all, this blog is mine, right?

Anyway, we have started reading some of William Joyce's books. One that I mentioned in the "plethora of picture books" post is his A Day with Wilbur Robinson. This is a wonderful, futuristic-ish story about a marvelously eccentric family known as the Robinsons. A note on the cover of the book mentioned that this book was made into the current Disney movie Meet the Robinsons.

Not able to go see the movie right now, we borrowed the Meet the Robinsons: The Movie Storybook from the Library. DO NOT waste your time reading this book. And if it truly depicts the movie, don't waste your time seeing the movie! In typical Disney fashion, the story line is completely foreign from the original and unique tale by William Joyce (except for a couple of minor details). The plot is convoluted and bizarre -- a case of time travel where a scientific genius orphan meets his son and they work together to ensure the future is not changed ... right! And kids are supposed to understand that the boys are best friends and the same age but are really father and son and thus, different ages ... right!

Stick to the original I recommended the other day -- A Day with Wilbur Robinson is a pleasure to read and a joy to read-aloud. The 15 (!) other books that Disney's marketing staff have created to help sell the movie are pure and simple TWADDLE, and not even very good twaddle!

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