Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Catholic Moms Blog-roll

So, I have a bit of time yesterday and I stumble across the coolest thing in the blogsphere -- a Catholic Mom Blog-roll run by Angie. Now how cool is that? See the beautiful picture of Our Lady and Jesus on my side-bar. That's the list of all the Catholic moms on the blog-roll -- and some of them are old friends whose blogs I check all the time. But some of these ladies are brand-new and I'm quite excited to check out their blogs.

Seems there is one who is a knitter -- something VERY near and dear to my heart -- and now I've been linked to a group of Catholic knitting moms that I didn't even know existed. Now that makes the blogosphere even more fun for me!

If you're a Catholic mom and have a blog, go ahead and join the "in crowd" and sign up!

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