Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today is Our Feast Day

Now, this is one cool saint -- and the patron of our home learning experiences! Here's a guy who tried for YEARS to refute the Arian Heresy -- the one that says Jesus wasn't divine just a really nice guy. He was exiled FIVE times by different emperors who didn't agree -- but God and Athanasius prevailed and he died after 47 years of being Bishop of Alexandria.

So, we've read about his life today and discussed why he's our patron (a long story for another post!). We've decided on our menu for dinner -- which was hard as none of our traditional "saints + food" sites had anything for Athanasius. So being the ever-clever, closet-librarian, I researched Mid-east (primarily Egyptian) recipes and found a really cool site dedicated to Egyptian recipes . So we're having hummus and pita chips, cucumber and yogurt salad, thinly sliced cold beef and the piece de resistance: Granitat-al-Lamun!

St. Athanasius, ceaseless defender of the faith and Doctor of the Catholic Church,


Kimberlee said...

Yes, I thought of your family at Mass this morning and I hope you are having a most blessed feast day!

MaryM said...

We thougth of you guys, too, yesterday. Well you know Owlboy thinks of you everyday!

Jen said...

I am so excited to have stopped by. It's been a long while and what perfect timing. We are studying Ancient Egyptian history. The recipe link is going to be so much fun.