Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Death LOSES and Today Proves It!

Today, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother -- the day when she went to Heaven, body and soul, to prove death's defeat and the triumph for once and for all over Satan! This is a fabulous feast.

This picture, The Assumption of the Virgin, by Francesco Botticini is housed in the National Gallery of Art in London. Jesus did not allow His mother to be buried but rather brought her, body and soul, to His side in Heaven -- with all the angels and saints cheering and looking on in wonder.

So tonight we party -- thanks to Jennifer at 4Real, we have dessert -- Lemon Cloud (as in, Mary was taken up in a cloud) Pie. Of course, because I CAN'T follow directions completely, we're having LIME Cloud Pie (and ours is a graham cracker crust).

So how did y'all celebrate?

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Leonie said...

Yummy! We went to the Vigil Mass and to Mass on the day - and had breakfast out!