Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nature Study: Denver Botanic Gardens

Yesterday, the "littles" and I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens with Our Domestic Church (+ a friend) -- this was our first visit, but definitely WON'T be our last!

This is a wonderful place to do nature study -- it's got different environments including the rain forest, alpine plants, cactus and succulents, ornamental grasses, dryland mesa, plains garden, Japanese tea garden (where they host full Japanese tea ceremonies!), herb garden, cutting garden, water smart garden and more.

There is a kids' area with a REALLY cool Mulberry Tree hide-out (which would be a GREAT substitute for a sunflower house!) where we could get away from the "hovering round 100" weather we had yesterday! The kids' area also has container gardens such as a "Pizza Garden" with peppers, tomatoes, herbs or the "PeanutButter and Jelly Garden" with grapes, peanuts, strawberry, and wheat grass all growing happily together.
The best spot for String Bean, though, was a water garden with water lilies ... she just loves these and we used up many digital pictures on trying to get a good one of these lovely, floating flowers.

This field trip was yet another example that on our outings with friends ... we ALWAYS have good times and good learning intermixing to create GREAT memories!

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MaryM said...

Great pictures. Thanks for a fun morning.