Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Family -- Mother Angelica's "take"

Amy over at Knit Together in Love posted this today:

The Family in the Image of the Trinity
by Mother Angelica

The family is a beautiful image of he Trinity. The man is head and he
resembles the eternal Father, and like the Father he is to protect, to provide,
to create, and tounderstand. He is to be compassionate like the Father and full
of mercy.

The woman is made to the image of Jesus, and like Jesus she is to be meek, loving, ameans of reconciliation and gentleness. She has intuition . She has something aman doesn't have: she is intuitive.

The children are like the Spirit. As the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the
Son, so the children proceed from the husband and wife. Like the Spirit they are
a power, a bond of union, joy and love. We call this 'family.'

Now, when the one in the middle wants to be head or the children want to be head, we have a distortion of the family image made to the Trinity, and you cannot deviate from this plan of God! When you do, you have a monster in your family. That's way the families today are not what they should be...

Can someone just tatoo this on my arm so I don't forget ... especially the part about "when the one in the middle wants to be head ..."

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