Thursday, October 18, 2007

I was SOOOOO Excited ....

... when I checked Margot's blog and found that not only is the long-awaited Father Brown Reader (compiled by Nancy Carpentier Brown) coming out, but so is Cay Gibson's sequel, Christmas Mosaic! Not only do I "know" (in the "online, chat all the time, really respect these ladies" way of knowing someone) these two authors, but the subject content is wonderful!

The Father Brown stories (which are wonderfully illustrated by homeschool dad, Ted Schluenderfritz) are ably re-written for a younger audience -- a great idea as early Chesterton readers grow up to devour his books! Nancy does a great job of rewriting the text without losing the flavor of Chesterton's original. Bravo!

Cay's first book, Catholic Mosaic, was so well-received that she decided to do an Advent/Christmas book. This new book promises to keep you and your kids reading throughout Advent and Christmas, with 30 picture books suggested with full study guides (including recipes!), and an annotated list of 200+ picture books with the Advent/Christmas theme. I can't wait to get a copy!

As Margot mentions, it's quite fitting both of these should be available in the Harvest season .... and just in time to put on your Christmas list for dh, in-laws or someone else to buy for your home learning environment!


Carmen L. said...

Hi Mary, It was good to see you today and meet your kids! Luke had a great time playing with them at the park! -Carmen

Leonie said...

Thanks for the heads up re these books! :-)