Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lefties Unite!

According to the NEA, we're a special needs group. I kid you not, in perusing the recent NEA's Annual Education Resolutions 2007-2008, I came across this section (buried within the "Education Equity" section of the 100+ page packet:

B-18. Left-Handed Students
The National Education Association believes that the needs of all students, including left-handed students, should be met. The Association also believes that appropriate governing agencies should provide desks, scissors, and all other materials and instruments necessary for left-handed students to achieve on an equal basis with right-handed students. The Association strongly recommends preservice preparation and staff development for education employees that present strategies for handwriting instruction to left-handed students. Such training should also address sensitizing instructional staff to the needs of
left-handed students. (1979, 2001)

Boy, the NEA sure has a lot to worry about, huh??????

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Matilda said...

So does that mean that if you were schooled prior to 1979 you could sue for the emotional trauma caused by staff members who were insensitive to your needs? How many hours of therapy do you need to deal with that kind of trauma?