Saturday, October 20, 2007

Signing Time: check out the sale!

Last month I posted about how we're learning sign language in our home. None of our kids have hearing issues (except for during chore time, of course) but we just thought it'd be a great language for them to learn in case they ever know people who have hearing challenges or want to teach special needs kids. In addition to the many benefits of knowing sign language -- it's so kinesthetic and fun to learn using the Signing Time shows.

Well, thanks to Suzanne at 4 real, I just was able to order Shows 4-6 at a 40% savings! Yep, for $44 (incl shipping/handling), we will now be the proud owners of:
plus the songs on cd
This is a great deal as the retail is $20/dvd + $14 for the songs.... but the sale does end on 10/21 ... so go ahead and get 'em now!


Matilda said...

Those are our favorite ones! They have the BEST songs!

Lh said...

Signing! Great.
Sign is my kids' first language.
They are hearing and eventually give it up for the most part, but we can still communicate silently across the room or just without talking when we feel like it :-)