Thursday, November 29, 2007

Advent: Bare Jesse Tree

As I mentioned earlier, we were involved in a Jesse Tree Ornament swap with our friends at 4real. Well, we had made a set of Jesse Tree Ornaments a few years ago, but I'm really loving the beautiful ones that we got in our swap.

But how best to display them? Here's the "tree" we used with our old ornaments -- this is a 17 x 28 piece of cloth with a tree sewn on and strings for hanging the ornaments.

I'm thinking that I'll just "whip up" another one like this for our new ornaments -- this one will go to dh's high school for their Advent celebrations (along with our "old" ornaments).

OR, I'll do a wooden plaque with a tree wood-burned on and "invisible brads" for hanging the ornaments.....

Decisions, decisions, decisions ....

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Kitty said...

Cute tree! We just use our Christmas tree as our "Advent Tree" before Christmas, putting Jesse ornaments and purple lights on it until December 24, when we change to colored lights and our family ornament collection.