Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Books: Great Picture Books for Boys

It is SO hard to find really well-written and illustrated picture books for boys (or even not-really-girly-girl girls). Here are a few we read today that my boys (and String Bean, too!) really enjoyed:

McPhail, David:
Santa’s Book of Names – a slow-to-read boy helps Santa read his Book of Names and gains the confidence needed for reading.
Edward and the Pirates – the same now-reading little boy gets a little too into his books.
Edward in the Jungle – Edward loves adventure books, especially Tarzan … even when they come to life!

Scotton, Rob:
Russell the Sheep – a sheep can’t sleep; the drawings are wonderful in this one (and one sheep is even knitting in a picture!).
Russell and the Lost Treasure – a sheep discovers the true treasure of Frogsbottom.

Jacques, Brian:
The Great Redwall Feast – a long poem about the Redwall heroes trying to surprise the Abbot on his feastday. The pictures are great and the poem itself is fun to read-aloud.
A Redwall Winter’s Tale – a prose story about the coming of snow to Redwall after a large winter feast. Again, the pictures are fabulous and the story a great way to introduce the wonderful Redwall series to the younger crowd.

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