Monday, December 03, 2007

... and the prodigal returns

On May 30th, Brikhead drove off down the street to begin his college career. Since then, we've had a dozen or so emails and three phone calls from our sports-fanatic son. You see, not only was he going to classes (his to keep his grades at 3.0 or higher to continue to get scholarships) and working .... it seems he was also at EVERY HOME game for LSU! He was there when they were winning ... and there for the rather distressing loss to unranked Arkansas! And he'll be there for the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans on January 7th.

But in between, he will be HOME! God willing, he'll be here on the 13th (St. Lucy's Feast Day) and then leave on the 6th of January. He'll be working (so he can afford another semester at Harvard-on-the-Bayou), eating and sleeping .... and maybe getting in a few games of football with his younger siblings.

Please keep him in your prayers -- as he finishes his semester, as he travels back home, and that he can get lots of hours of working in while he's home! Oh, and if you can keep it a secret that he's coming home .... we're trying to surprise the littles and granmere!

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MaryM said...

We're looking forward to seeing him. too.