Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Books: Another giveaway!

Maureen is the author of some excellent Catholic homeschooling books. She is also a frugal homeschooler and always has lots of great tips about saving money. On top of all that, she loves books and has great recommendations that I've used to make my homeschool just a bit better.

Well, seems Maureen is giving books away -- FREE -- ala Cay's Book Walk, so head on over to Maureen's blog and find out how to get involved. BTW, Cay's doing another book walk this week -- the last before Christmas -- so head on over to her blog and get in on that one too!

Don't you love FREE books? And by the way, the actual cost of these books isn't too bad, so if you don't win, go ahead and buy a copy of Maureen's For the Love of Literature or Cay's Christmas Mosaic -- both destined to be classics in the literature-rich homeschool curriculums!

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Maureen Wittmann said...

Thank you Mary!!!