Saturday, December 15, 2007

CCD: Christmas treat idea

I teach a wonderful class of 16 children preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion at our parish. It's always a quandary to come up with a LITTLE treat for them on the class just before Christmas break. I don't want to load them up with candy or spend time preparing something that will just be tossed away in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

So, thanks to a St. Nicholas Mass/Brunch last weekend, I've got the perfect little treat: candy with the "legend of the candy cane" attached:

The Legend of the Candy Cane

A candy maker wanted to make a candy that would be a witness for the Lord; he created the Candy Cane.

He began with a stick of pure white, hard candy. White was to symbolize the sinless nature of Jesus, and hard to symbolize the Solid Rock, the foundation of the Church, and the firmness of the promises of God.

The candy maker made the candy in the form of a “J” to represent the precious name of Jesus. It also represents the staff of the “Good Shepherd” with which He brings all faltering sheep back into His fold.

He stained the white candy with red stripes to symbolize the scourging Jesus received during His Passion and for His precious blood that was shed so that we could have eternal

This little story, printed on card stock, tied to a candy cane with a little hand-written note on each and I'm done ... and the kids learn a bit about how candy can be good for you!

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