Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas: the five best of the best

We try not to focus too heavily on gifts and the material, "I want" side of Christmas. But, some years we just have such an interesting blend of gifts that it just strikes me as a "perfect" Christmas ....
Let me explain:

1. THE perfect Santa gift -- String Bean got the Melissa and Doug doll house and has decorated, redecorated, made it into a hotel, a school and a BIG tent ever since opening it on Christmas morning. Definitely a BIG HIT! It is very good value for the money -- with furnishings and a family of 4 ... and it's plain enough where my daughter can really use her imagination, fabric scraps and other bits and pieces to make a wonderful home for her "family".

2. The most unique gift -- LegoManiac LOVES fish, especially smoked or fresh salmon. Bam-Bam drew LegoManiac's name for "secret sibling" and was having a time thinking of something really wonderful to give his big brother. Going with Dad on Christmas Eve, he finally solved his problem .... and LegoManiac was in heaven as he ate smoked salmon and fresh cooked salmon all week!
3. The best family gifts -- Granmere gave us a family membership to the Denver Art Museum as well as the kids a subscription to National Geographic Kids. Also, another g'ma gave the kids subscriptions to Your Big Backyard and Ranger Rick.

4. Most charitable gift -- dh's lovely sister and bil gave a flock of chickens (did I mention dh has a PhD in chickens?) in our name through the Heifer International program.
5. Best gift for Me -- flying Brikhead home for Christmas!

and adopting Molly, our new 2-month old border-collie mix puppy, from the Denver Dumb Friends League.

My prayer for the rest of Christmastime (through January 13) is that you all have as wonderful a Christmas and into 2008 as we have had here in our little spot on the planet!


Liz said...

I just love the "puppy belly"! What a cutie!

Carmen L. said...

Mary, What a super cute puppy! Thanks for the offer for knitting help. Boy, do I need it! I think I'm doing a knit stich, but it looks like a purl and I'm sure it's not a purl stitch, I think!Yes, I'm a little confused since I'm trying to teach myself from a children's book. AAAHHHH! Somehow, I've managed three weird-looking squares and yet I persevere for the joy of yarn!!!
Happy New year! Hope to see you and the littles really soon.

Leonie said...

How nice to have your older ds home for Xmas! And I think the membership gft is a fantastic gift! Enjoy.