Friday, January 11, 2008

Books: memories that truly last a lifetime

Over at 4real forum, we've been discussing book memories in the thread, when you were a kid. This is a thread about THE favorite picture book of each poster's youth.

Well, that got me thinking about books and the wonderful ones I've read over my 40+ years of reading. The first book I ever read was part of Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library -- my favorite in that collection too -- "Pierre". (I was in trouble ALOT when I was little ).

The first chapter book (with minimal pictures and boy wasn't I sad about that! ) was B is for Betsy. I can still see the orange cover on the book I bought when Mom and I (just us -- when you're the 6th of 7, that's memorable!) went downtown San Francisco on errands and I got to pick out a book to buy.

I've been buying books ever since -- and many have carved their titles in my memories! But I think none are so special as Pierre and B is for Betsy!

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