Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl XXXXII was ...

well SUPER! But not because the underdog NYGiants pulled it out at the end to win -- in fact, I was the lone voice in the room routing for the NEPatriots.

The Super Bowl was an exceptional game this year because both teams played like professionals -- no fighting or dissing each other, no "cheap shots" or overly agressive behavior. This was a good, clean game with lots of action and good plays back and forth -- both sides showed their skills and the rationale for making it to the national championship.

A great example: at the end of the game, the announcer interviewed Burress, the man who caught the winning touchdown. The question was the traditional "how did it feel to win the game?" Burress' response was "well, we've got to give the credit to the defense." Then he broke down and cried. He wasn't in-your-face, 'we bad' type of attitude at all.

What a great chance for the family and friends (whose house we were at) to see professional sports in a wonderful light.

Congratulations to the NY Giants AND the NE Patriots -- y'all fought a great game!

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