Monday, April 28, 2008

Creativity in the Home

Some days, particularly on Fridays when we've had a full week, I just let the kids take the lead and decide what they'll do ...

Here's what the three littles did on Friday, April 25:

Yep, while I read our read-aloud book, The World of Jeeves, and the readings of the day, and other out-loud reading, the kiddoes played Legos. We have all kinds of sets of Legos and usually they insist on using the pieces EXACTLY as presented by Lego. The cool thing about this day was that they CREATED different things and had a blast (and got along ALL DAY -- even when a little boy came over for the afternoon!).

The end result of all this play:

Aliens from a foreign world!

A "house", peopled with Lego "babies", where they played for hours on Friday afternoon and on Saturday. I love seeing the creativity developing, the comraderie and the memories that will last a lifetime -- all because we learn at home!

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