Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend: Fun-filled and exciting

This past weekend was one of those we'll remember for a long time ...

1. We've been doing a PGWodehouse/Jeeves & Wooster unit for the last month or so -- reading marvelous stories, watching fabulous Jeeves and Wooster videos. On Friday night -- yep, St. Athanasius' feast day -- we started watching "Wodehouse Playhouse" which are hilarious 30 minute shows done in the 70s by BBC actors John Alderton and Pauline Collins (who are married in real life) and introduced by a 95-year-old Wodehouse. You have got to see these shows!

2. We went to the Rockies game on Saturday night; it was the pitcher's debut and the poor guy didn't do too well and we had to go to the Bull-pen quite a bit that night -- as did the Dodgers, so the game seemed to go on forever (but then, we'd gotten there 2 hours early to watch batting practice).

We were able to see the beautiful home-runs hit by Holliday and Hawpe! Since it was Catholic Schools night, the good Archbishop Chaput threw out the first pitch -- and he looked pretty good! Even better, Kotch and her high school chorus group sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch. I'm thinking this is the closest any of mine will come to actually doing something on a major league baseball field!

3. On Sunday, we were able to attend Confirmation Mass at our Parish with our most excellent Archbishop Chaput -- he gave a phenomenal sermon and did a great job with the 8th graders who received this sacrament. Our Church also placed a large "10 Commandments" memorial that the Archbishop blessed (after having chatted with the confirmandi for almost an hour).

4. We didn't stay for the reception after Mass but instead headed out for a picnic! Yep, we actually had weather yesterday that was sunny and in the 70s! We're hoping we don't see anymore snow ... but then, this is Denver and you just never know....

Hope your weekend was as nice as ours.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thanks! I put it in my netflix queue!