Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meme: Hot off the presses!

I've never started a meme but I'm usually too late to jump in on one. Solution? I'm starting one right here and now. Anyone who reads my blog -- would you like to join in? Here are 10 questions so you can know a bit about me, right now, July 16th 2008!

1. Favorite Summer drink -- red wine on ice -- the finer crushed the better; not only does it slow down the imbibing, it is a great thirst quencher and isn't sweet! Thanks to bil Noah for the "recipe"!

2. Worst part of Summer -- driving in the car on one of our road trips (either to relocate or just to visit family) -- especially if we're loaded down with stuff and we've got teen(s) and little(s) in the car together!

3. Best part of Summer -- driving in the car on one of our road trips (amazing the amount of knitting I get done; besides I love seeing family)

4. Favorite Shopping Experience -- IKEA: not only do they have some of the coolest stuff, they think I'm awesome because I'm so honest (I'll post THAT story in a day or two)

5. What I'm reading -- anything on homeschooling (just finished, and my fav so far, is Debra Bell's Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling), self-sufficient farming (one I just got is called The Self-Sufficiency Handbook -- WOW!), and building my dream house (a huge one-room cabin with loft space for sleeping, ala the Nearing's stone-house).

6. What I'm praying about -- selling the house in Denver, dear St. Joseph, please!

7. What I'm currently knitting -- a knitting bag for a sequel to my book (hopefully); this bag is taking forever as it's done in a slip-stitch pattern, with a gusset and self-strap! I'll post when I finish this puppy, believe me! I've been working on this particular design since mid-June and even dh (who knows VERY little about knitting, and rarely comments on my projects) thinks it's the most complicated, and most beautiful, thing I've ever done.

8. What I'm currently writing -- a sequel to my knitting book, a book on creativity from a Catholic world-view, and handcraft articles for the new Catholic homeschool magazine, mater et magistra. The first issue is due in the mail this week -- have YOU subscribed yet?

9. Where my time has been most-focused lately -- scheduling homeschool for this next year (including finding co-ops, sport activities, support groups and generally trying to get acclimated to life in NoVA!). I love Debra Bell's comment -- I'm paraphasing here:

yes, you will forget to teach them something, but if you teach them to love
learning, when they come across that something, they'll be able to TEACH
THEMSELVES so relax!

10. Favorite quote of the day: this was on My today.

If one yields ground on any single point of Catholic doctrine, one will
later have to yield later in another, and again in another, and so on until such
surrenders come to be something normal and acceptable. And when one gets used to rejecting dogma bit by bit, the final result will be the repudiation of it

That's it for my FIRST meme.
So, what would your answers be? Go ahead and post a blog post and link in the comments section here.


RamFam said...

Mary, I made an ignorant comment about you here.

I have since been reading over your blogs and articles in depth and need to amend that comment. I think that you are certainly saint material. Thanks for the inspiration. The next time my pennies count up enough I will be ordering your Great Yarns book. I hope to teach my seven year old to knit this year and hopefully this will give us good patterns and good literature. You're awesome. Do you have any other books?

-Leah aka RamFam

RamFam said...

Used your meme here.

Maryan said...

I played

Carmen L. said...

Hi Mary! I did it. Here's the link:

Carmen L. said...

Mary, I played too!