Monday, August 25, 2008

Our first day ... it worked!

Here the gang is before we headed to morning Mass -- don'tthey look happy to start a year of school? Of course, the promise of donuts after Mass always helps!Here's right before we went to morning Mass -- don't they look happy to start their school year?
Here are the aprons they created -- Lego Maniac made a leprechaun, String Bean did stars, hearts and a typewriter (signing her name, "Kit") and Bam-bam put dots (or "olives" as they look to me) all over his apron. I think they came out wonderfully -- I hope they think so as they'll be using these for YEARS!

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Maryan said...

Oh... we're so sympatico. Donuts after Mass on a first day. Big thumbs up here for that!

And love the aprons!