Saturday, August 30, 2008

Politics: McCain & Palin -- what a ticket

I don't usually get political here, but the announcement yesterday is too good to miss.

We're quite excited around here... we are so proud of Senator McCain for naming Governor Palin as his running mate. What a wonderful example of pro-life, pro-woman, pro-family! Here's a GREAT POST by my 4real friend, Red Cardigan, that says much better what I would like to write.

Further, Palin is a great counterpart to McCain -- she's young and open to new ways of doing things and he's experienced and traditional; she's a working mom with a special needs child, children who accompany her to work (and who she introduced first in accepting the running mate status) and he's a family man with seven children who are not actively campaigning for him but who are very close to him; she is pro-life and wouldn't abort her downs syndrome baby while he gets a "zero" from Planned Parenthood (which seems like a great reason to vote for him .... after all, who would get a 100 from Planned Parenthood? Nero .... Caligula .... Hitler ... Stalin ...?)

This should be a very exciting election .... an election which will be historic not because of the sex, race, or creed of the candidates but because we all have a chance to realize that right-to-life, pro-life, etc are simply names for common sense -- it's wrong to kill for selfish, self-centered "choices" ...


Alice Gunther said...

A zero rating from Planned Parenthood?

Sounds like the best endorsement possible!!!!!

God bless her!

Thanks, Mary.

Leonie said...

It is interesting for us to read about US politics - love all the blog posts on Palin.