Friday, September 12, 2008

Crafts -- "go" bags for each

One thing I'm trying this year is giving the littles weekly assignments on Monday that they have to have done my Friday morning ... spelling words, copywork, memory work, math pages, etc. I decided it would be best to have a place to put these so the littles could find them easily and so could I when it came time to check work.
So we headed to Jo-Ann's with coupons in hand (btw, Jo-Ann's is one of the BEST stores for giving home-educators "education discounts", which is 10% on top of it all -- so if you have coupons you get the coupon price and then another 10% off! Definitely patronize them whenever you can). We bought 3 blank canvas tote bags and Crayola Fabric markers then headed home to decorate.
Here's what the youngsters created (btw, the reverse has their names so each bag can quickly be found, even when others aren't able to match "theme" to the artist):

Can you tell Bam-bam likes college football? I started to write the team names for him (and I'm responsible for the 'gator that looks like a blue newt!) but then he took over --- now that's copywork with style!

String Bean chose to decorate her personal bag with all things "Kit" -- whose name she has adopted as her own! Notice the typewriter (including typed paper!), baseball, tree house, etc. That self-portrait (a mix of Kit and String Bean) sure is happy!Then, of course, here's Lego Maniac's -- the orcs vs the knights. He's quite into military history and warfare, so could you expect anything less? I like how the stick figures don't seem like stick figures somehow.

BTW, those markers are great for the kids and fabric "painting" -- they can really control the color and the "paint" is easily heat-set with an iron or in the dryer. The colors stay pretty vibrant too!

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