Friday, September 26, 2008

Politics: Mr. Obama needs a lesson in civics

OK, here I go getting political again ... but I just couldn't let this go. And this is not so much political as a civics clarification.

Wednesday evening I was listening to NPR radio and heard Mr. McCain's comments on the financial crisis and the need to put off tonight's debate to ensure the Congress focuses on fixing that and avoids bi-partisan politics. Sounds appropriate.

Mr. Obama agreed with Mr. McCain -- that the crisis needs to be handled immediately but said that putting off the debate was a bad idea. Something along the lines of, "the American people need to hear from the men who will be running this country". Mr. Obama said that "in 40 days" this problem will be inherited by either Mr. Obama or Mr. McCain.

Uh ... no ....

First of all, if this crisis continues for 40 days, there won't be anything to "inherit".

Second of all, in 40 days the election will decide who will be the next President of the United States. BUTin 40 days there will NOT be a switch in power. Mr. Bush would continue in the White House until Inauguration Day in January.

Mr. Obama ... you might want to double-check the job description before applying.

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Juli said...

Heaven help us if he is elected!