Monday, September 08, 2008

Prayers Please!

A dear friend's FIL died today ... sacrificing his life for his 20-year-old Downs son in one of those weird, "how could it happen" kind of accidents on the family farm.

We all know Mr. Tom is partying with the Blessed Mother for her birthday but the family could sure use all the prayers and comfort they can get ... they're such a dear family, meaning lots to all of us that know them ... or who may have met them ... or who may have just heard about them.

Yes, they're that kind of family!

Pray for the continued healing of the son and for the widow and the family .... Mr. Tom will be missed!


Maryan said...

Mary - thank you. We're just so brokenhearted... for us. We lived with an amazing man of faith... and life will be much harder/sadder without our beloved Papa.

The prayers are so appreciated.

Elena said...

Sorry to hear that. I grew up on a farm and lived through a farm accident or two myself. I certainly will remember this family in prayer.