Friday, October 17, 2008

Diliberate Family Living

Lisa over at Hopewell has a great way of keeping track of how she is doing with her goals for living in her family.

Here's how our family has done this week --
Family Prayers:
We've done great with this because we're in such a rhythm. We do our "Priests for Life" Novena each night before Grace and then a family rosary at the end of the mail to pray for the sale of our house as well as prayers for all who have asked us to pray, all those for whom we should pray, and all those who stand in need of prayers. We also do a Morning Offering every morning in the car. I'd like to try adding the Guardian Angel prayer for the littles. Grade: B+

Family Time:
Lots of that lately as we've got a house guest and we're doing tons with her. We've also been watching the NGA art videos every couple of nights to get cultured as a family! Grade: B+

Household Routines:
Wow -- do we stink at this ... this week particularly! Granted, we've had company a bit ... but I have grand plans for really, really sticking to routine ... but then life interrupts in various ways. Grade: D+

Meal Preparation:
I just can't seem to get in the rhythm of meal-planning further than a day or two out. I can do the special meals ... but day-to-day, forget it! (If anyone has some advice, please leave me a comment!)
Lately, we've been doing a lot of seat-of-the-pants meals ... eggs and bacon for dinner last night, St. Teresa Bread the night before (but not anything else I'd planned!). Frustrating, but that will settle now that Fall weather is coming and we can focus more at home (that's the thought anyway!). Grade: D+

Schooling and Kids' Commitments:
Pretty good altho, again because we've had (and are having company) this is going a bit haywire. But then I LOVE that we're taking the time to do field trips and get around and about .... which is such great learning for the kids ... so yes, "school" can wait, but the learning never stops. We've also been good about attending daily Mass this week -- a new record of three this week! Grade: B+

Outside interests (knitting, writing, etc):
Not much done this week but we've been on field trips and entertaining and keeping up the various activities so I don't feel bad these personal things have been pushed out a bit. But, never fear, the knitting will come out tonight when we all sit and chat and RELAX! Grade: D-

This is a fun way of keeping track of what I want to do vs what I do .... thanks for Leonie's post that brought me to Lisa's blog ....


Renee said...

meal preparation - here is what I've been doing for more than 20 years. On Sunday/Monday I plan a week's worth of meals taking into account meatless on Friday, crockpot meals on crazy nights, etc. I actually write out the days of the week and specify what we will eat. The menu list then provides the basis for the grocery list - I shop on Wednesday. If I didn't plan like I do, we would be doing takeout and going broke

Lisa said...

Thanks for participating! I hope it helps your family! Hope to "see" you back next week.

Leonie said...

We do fly by the seat meal planning and simple meals..Like you, I am better at planning meals for bigger celebrations.

Nice to see your report card - and I might add a homeschooling button to ours, too!